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Windy Day Fitted-Sheet-Folding

Remember our blog about folding those pesky fitted sheets? Our owner and master of linens, Alex Cole, put his money where his mouth is and showed off his fitted-sheet-folding skills—outside, on the windiest day of the year. You don’t have to take our word for it. See him in action:

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Grab It. Yank It. Grin.

In order to stand out from all of her other first dates, you need to do something completely unexpected. Do it classy.  Get the Civic detailed.  Fresh flowers from Mrs. Mulligan’s prized rose bush.  A bottle of Febreze and a tweed jacket from the Salvo…and a fancy restaurant – you know, the kind with sous […]

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The Art of the Fitted Sheet

I have three sets of bed sheets, but only one ever gets used. Is it because they’re far superior than any other sheets? No. Is it a result of extreme laziness? Not in this case. Is my washing machine out of commission? Absolutely not. It’s actually pretty simple. I can’t fold a fitted sheet to […]

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