Grab It. Yank It. Grin.

In order to stand out from all of her other first dates, you need to do something completely unexpected.

Do it classy.  Get the Civic detailed.  Fresh flowers from Mrs. Mulligan’s prized rose bush.  A bottle of Febreze and a tweed jacket from the Salvo…and a fancy restaurant – you know, the kind with sous chefs and hospitality mints near the back door.  A bottle of red, a bottle of white, and some swagger.  Smooth conversation and an irresistibly-crooked smile.  Then do the unexpected.

Grab it.  And in one swift motion, yank it.  Don’t make a mess all over the place.  When you’re done, grin with satisfaction.  What are we talking about?

The tablecloth.

You’ve seen the videos on YouTube, right?  Where Uncle Carl tries to impress the family at Thanksgiving by channeling Houdini and stripping the dining table of its cloth without disturbing anything?  Although most makeshift magicians end up with turkey on the floor and stuffing in the ceiling, it is actually possible and pretty simple if you know what you’re doing.

Photo credit: Mythbusters/

According to wikiHow, the Internet’s unofficial collaborative DIY encyclopedia, there’s a process by which you can leave your dinner guests in awe with the well-known stunt.  Since most colleges and universities don’t offer electives in linen tricks, a little practice is a good idea before ripping the rug out from underneath grandma’s favorite gravy bowl.  Scouting out the right tablecloth is key.  Start with plastic before getting serious with breakable tableware.  Consider placement, balance, and weight.  Pretend you’re picking out a wedding dress and scrutinize every detail.  Stand tableside like a softball coach that takes double headers just a little too seriously.  Grip it like you own it and remember, it’s all in the wrist.


So here’s the challenge – give it a whirl.  Once you’ve become the master of your dining room domain, post your video and send it to us @argentieribros.  If you can “pull it off” without getting your gravy on the ceiling, we’ll give you a shout out and might just buy you a beer.

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